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История на  човечеството

История на човечеството

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Черно море бели стени

Черно море бели стени

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Плажът на мечтите

Плажът на мечтите

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Семейна промоция

Семейна промоция

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Един живот с поезията

Един живот с поезията

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The Treasures of Bulgaria



  • 29 incredible treasures
  • Breathtaking photographs and reconstructive artworks
  • Both a captivating read and a magnificent album for a wide variety of readers


Which one of us has not dreamt at least once in a lifetime of discovering a lost treasure? This abundantly illustrated book can make your dream come true! It will reveal to you the secrets of the most significant treasures, found not only on the present-day territory of Bulgaria, but also in the lands conquered centuries ago by the Bulgarian rulers. You will unravel the mystery of the world’s oldest gold, the masterpieces of the Thracian goldsmiths, the tombs of Khan Kubrat, the vessels of Khan Asparuh, the golden belts of the Bulgarians, the first Bulgarian gold coin ... You will learn more about the superior economic and artistic achievements of the communities that inhabited the territories of the Bulgarian state from the prehistoric age to the fall of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. For the first time, you will see accurate artistic reconstructions, showing how the different treasures were used. You will also find out where they can be seen today.


  • Код: ISBN 978-954-574-214-9
  • Автор: Boni Petrunova
  • Тегло: 0.000 кг


Цена: 30.00лв.
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Изпратете на приятел Оценете продукта Добави в списъка с желания
Type of cover:hard
Number of pages:184
Size (mm):220 х 286



Количката е празна.

Статия за Моите пари

Балканската война

Бележити българи




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Привлечи и задръж най-добрите!


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Изяж жабата!


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Как да постигаме целите си?


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100-те абсолютни закона на бизнес успеха


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